the original clown prince of boxing. there is no other like him. KCAL TV liked him so much that they signed him for several years to fight on their station. Jorge Paez was an entertainer in a circus his grandmother owned in Mexicali Baja California. The circus was in its ruins deteriorating so he began boxing as a way to raise money in order to save the circus. Trainers noticed his talent as well as his circus clown like style in the ring. He had natural talent. He fought and beat world champion Calvin Grove bringing the title to his homeland in Mexico. Paez never did a single sit up or workout routine. He would just hit the heavy bag for a minute or so in the gym and quickly jump in the ring to do what he did best… which was spar and clown around. Word quickly circulated he was paid an undisclosed amount of money to take a dive in the delahoya fight because he was considered a dangerous oponent for Oscar Dela Hoya even though Jorge Paez was on his way out. Delahoya could have beaten an old Paez but he was still a threat to Oscar so he took the loss instead. He had nothing to lose.
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  1. tetosur13686 says:

    4:31 hahahahahahaahaha lo que era el box antes, el amontonadero de la gente en la esquina!!!, ahora ya no se permite eso :(

  2. mazkarademurte says:


  3. 2pvgb says:

    Alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar su pelea con Calvin Grove

  4. shortylv says:

    i know maromero paez in real life

  5. MEXFlGHTERS says:

    @mario6279 if you don’t know about Maromero and his break dance antics then don’t ask.

  6. mario6279 says:

    whats with the robotic music

  7. SlavesOfDeathGroup says:

    @chavarro007 no seas pendejo, Prince Nassem Hamed es el Maromero Paez Ingles!

  8. chavarro007 says:

    el prince hammed mexicano!!! jaja

  9. KARLOS4190 says:

    ijole respeto a todos los que les gustaba el maromero, pero tecnicamnete no se me hacia bueno, solo lo veo x q sono mucho pero creo que era mas su fama como persona que como boxeador

  10. zorel1 says:

    El maromero es unico esta bien pesado y se mira delgado me quito el sombrero por que es el mero mero el idolo del aquel entonces desde tijuana un saludo al maromero Paez

  11. Betithoo51 says:

    se la parte la madre al canelo xD

  12. crazymanKEVYN says:

    What fight was that when he has no drugs and the last 1 when the ref stops the fight

  13. innit27 says:

    he took the piss out of cruz – not seen here

  14. crazymanKEVYN says:

    Puro Baja

  15. crazymanKEVYN says:

    In the last fight of this video who was he fighting against

  16. caporalespinoza says:

    si te uvieses empleado bien en las peleas estubieras invicto pero serias otro del monton grasias por esas grandes peleas que disfrute biendo con de la hoya espero que allas cobrado buen billete porque ese no teganaba de otra forma
    saluda a los jueses de san jose cuando perdiste eso estubo chingon

  17. Draxsilver says:

    No drugs!!!!

  18. portedoor says:

    eso si era espectaculo

  19. jjrr64 says:

    he was an till the best fighter his waist versatlity nobody is or neither will born like him maromero till one of best mexican champion

  20. jorgemares100 says:

    @111222952 egyptian lover

  21. jimmybrown11111 says:

    greatest showboating champion brawler from mexico lol

  22. tequila0303 says:

    inche maromero se discute de payaso me cae bien el vato jajajjajaja

  23. MrMzk1 says:

    That was pretty entertaining lol

  24. FillTcat says:

    @ediMasta ejyptian lover

  25. alwe4564 says:

    one of the best

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