Steve Allen laughing blooper

Classic clip of Steve Allen cracking up at himself during a sportscaster sketch on live TV.
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  1. WSenator1 says:

    Whenever Steve Allen did this sketch, he always called himself “Bill” Allen – I think both in imitation of many of the sportscasters of the time (like Bill Stern) who had that first name, and maybe in honor of his father, who was also named Bill.

  2. rschades says:

    This clip and the Timex gaffe with the outboard motor are a couple of the funniest moments ever in live television. Personally, I remember as a high school kid in the mid to late 60′s hurrying home from school so I wouoldn’t miss a minute of Steve’s afternoon talk show from LA. He reprised many of the characters from the original Tonight show a la Louis Nye, Tom Poston, Bill Dana and Pat Harrington, Jr. Steve also renewed his “Man In The Street” bits out on the Streets of LA. Pure genious!

  3. mgvasquez38 says:

    “The 1958 ouch baseball season . . . ” gets me every time!

  4. pixi2nv says:

    What was he laughing at?

  5. 1948BigCy says:

    Steve played trumpet, too. He wrote a song called “Impossible”. He played it on a 45 rpm record, gave out a guffaw, started playing again, a longer guffaw…you know the rest…the record was released with mostly Steve laughing and trying to get back to playing “Impossible:”…a must for fans of Steve’s laugh!!!

  6. NervXEterna says:

    I am in tears! This made my morning!

  7. Francie275 says:

    Hilarious, he had a great laugh!

  8. 313Mema says:

    A real treasure this one………..I remember seeing it the first time it aired!

  9. wmlfan9 says:

    He’s laughing at his hair.

  10. chaoscleaner says:

    What I loved the most, was when Steve would crack up and never seem to stop. :)

  11. jsbach15 says:

    He was one of the bests!

  12. alonenjersey says:

    Thank you so much kgammill. I have’nt seen this side-splitting moment in something like twenty years.

  13. dfszczepan says:

    This is the BEST!!!! What a total crack-up!
    I have not seen this in years, and I am going to watch it whenever I am having a bad day.
    Thanks SO MUCH for posting this wonderful classic!

  14. Novak67766 says:

    @jacicch I don’t think this was from the Tonight Show. He had a syndicated show many years afterwards. This guy was a gift from God.

  15. kavorka999 says:

    IMHO, the funniest guy I ever saw. He never failed to get me laughing too..LOL

  16. cesarsueg says:

    One of the funniest clips ever. I never get tired of seeing it.
    Steve Allen was a comic genius and to see him lose it this bad is indelibly etched in my mind.

  17. 8chevalier8 says:

    I saw this live too. He was laughing at his own image in the monitor. I loved it when he broke up.

  18. alonenjersey says:

    @redkos Absolutely! I have’nt seen this clip in at least 15 years. I can’t blame him. If roles were reversed, I’d lose it myself.

  19. mrjoegrennon says:

    Reminds me of my dope smokin’ pals.

  20. WSenator1 says:

    I remember seeing this live. I didn’t know at the time, of course, why he was laughing so much, but I think for the rest of the night, I was crying laughing myself. God, how I miss Steve Allen. Funny, intelligent, master ad-libber, social conscience, the whole 18 yards.

  21. Rumpl4skn says:

    @dagwood39 – As soon as he saw himself in the monitor, his hair was cracking him up so bad he could barely continue.

  22. dagwood39 says:

    I never got what was so funny?

  23. jacicch says:

    this is SUCH good stuff! What a bummer when Jack Paar took over, although we was cool in his own way, but GAWD, Allen was SO fun ny.

  24. a8avexp says:

    Allen once said the greasy kid stuff used on his hair made it “look dumb”, which made him start laughing.

  25. logancody05 says:

    @hollyyt53 What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

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